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  • How many acres do you farm?
    This is private information to us and don't feel we should share it online.
  • Who is Doug?
    Doug is Chet's father and is the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Larson Farms.
  • Why do you call Doug, Dougo?"
    This is a nickname that stuck from our instagram comments after Doug continuously got the planter and sprayers stuck in 2019.
  • Who is Randy?
    Randy is Doug's brother/Chet's uncle and is the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Larson Farms.
  • Is The Big Swede family?
    The Big Swede isn't close family to the Larsons. He was first Chet's very close friend and is now our full time hired man.
  • Is The Big Swede Swedish?
    No, he actually is not. This nickname came from our YouTube comment section and the name stuck like glue and fits his personality perfectly!
  • Who owns Larson Farms?
    We are a family farm, and like all family farms, it's complicated. The short answer is Merlyn (Chet's grandpa), Doug, and Randy. Chet is currently working his way into ownership.


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